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    I am trying to change my account to a website (not a blog which I registered first). I gave a name to my website, which is I am trying to make a free website with that name but cannot get it. WordPress gives all kind of extra words for a free webpage.
    I was trying to remove the whole account and start over, but cannot. I am a starter with these matters. Who could I contact or what should I do now?



    tämä on suomenkielinen tukifoorumi.
    Jos osoite on jo kerran rekisteröity, ei sitä voi uusiksi enää tietenkään. Jos tuo osoite on sinun hallussasi, mikä ongelma oli? Jos et halua blogata, vaan pitää vain jonkinlaista verkkosivua, voit poistaa blogisisällön ja vaihtaa teemaksi haluamasi jne.



    Thank you for this answer. Yes, I can change the theme and my blog as a website. But I want use that name It does not allow to use it anymore. That is the main problem. Why it says in my settings that my website is But when I am trying to make this new page with the theme website, it does not allow to use that?

    I wish I could explain this clearly…..

    With regards,

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