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    Hello. I’m starting up a small business in the near future and as it is I need a website. I believe WordPress has everything I need but I am still a bit unsure about all the rest. So if someone would have time to point me in the right way I would be most grateful.

    1. So I happen to have a domain name already and I can use it with WordPress as I buy a fitting plan, correct? If I end up not likind my experience with WP I can take my domain name and leave anytime?

    2. Does WP provide me with email boxes? If so then how many?

    3. If I go along with WP do I still need Web Hosting from some other company? Does it benefit me in anyway? I and the business would be located in Finland…

    I’m a bit lost when it comes to this more advanced website managing…. so try to bear with me and my broken english. I tried to search for answers but it seemed I always got a bit short in the end. I hope the community is welcoming to new members even if they come with loads of ???

    Hoping to hear from you soon.


    Blogini: free51242.wordpress.com.



    And I just noticed that when I actually log in there is finnish forum…

    Well done me. Eipä mennyt niin kuin Strömsössä tämä…

    Noooooohhh joskopa saisin kuitenkin muutaman vastauksen asian tiimoilta.

    Ensivaikutelmahan ei ollut se tärkein vai mitä…?




    Kyllä voit ohjata oman (jo olemassa olevan) domainin wp.comissa tekemällesi sivulle/blogille. Ja voi sitä sitten tarvittaessa myöhemmin siirtyä muualle.

    Ei tule sähköposteja, mutta ”email forwarding” on mahdollista.

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